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Why is it so important to grow with Organic Heirloom Seed?


There are MANY Reasons and Benefits a gardener should ONLY grow Organic Heirloom Seeds.

#1 Without Organic heirloom Seed...there would be NO FOOD...Period! Hybrids require 2 Heirloom varieties to make it...just as it takes 2 parents to make a child that has some characteristics of the parents...but not exactly identical. All FOOD on the Planet starts with Heirlooms.

#2 Only Heirloom varieties can be acclimated to the climate they are grown in. When a gardener saves their seed from generation to generation from the same plant and starts their seed and grows them on in the conditions of their climate...that seed starts to become either hardier (for Northern growers) or more heat tolerant (for southern growers)

#3 Only Organic Heirloom Seed is Sustainable...meaning it can be saved and will continue to produce the same IDENTICAL Seed/fruit year after year as it has not been genetically manipulated to form and grow as a 'Franken-seed'. Planting GMO or hybrid Seed is a ONE TIME grow is one season and it's life is over...your done! No MORE FOOD from that plant. With an can be saved year after year after year for as long as the world exists. What does this mean? This means that a gardener/grower does not have to spend $100's of $$$ buying new seed to plant their crops and the world will have a continuous supply of food at $0 Monetary investment in seed.

#4 Organic Heirloom Seed is healthier and tastes MUCH better than GMO or hybrid seed. Because Heirlooms have no chemicals injected into them...they have no negative effects on a persons health. Our bodies are not capable of assimulating Chemicals...and neither are plants. When a seed is injected with harmful and/or poisonous chemicals, it does not 'recognize' how to process the pure nutritious nutrients that are available in the soil. Neither does an Heirloom plant 'recognize' how to process the chemicals put into the soil.

If you took a human being and dunked them in Gasoline...would they know how to drink or process that? Of course not! That Human being would be poisoned and eventually DIE! But yet, this is what our industry has done with Hybrid seed along with the applications of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

When a gardener incorporates the proper 'Organic Material' That an Organic Heirloom Seed 'recognizes'...not only does that plant produce TONS more of also naturally tastes better. The old saying goes "You Are What You Eat"...the same is true for plants. Grow them and feed them what they 'Naturally Feed On' just as you would give a child Mothers Milk to drink when they are babies. Plants are babies too and need to be treated as such. When you nurture your plants in this way, you Nurture yourself as well and will experience better health, free of ailments and disease. It is only by either negligence, or being uneducated or uninformed that gardeners and producers alike continue to grow with Chemically raised hybrid seed.

#5 Growing Organic Heirloom Seed is safer the the environment and eco-system. Consider this...ONE OF EVERY THREE BITES OF FOOD YOU EAT DEPENDS ON THE HONEY BEE! Insects play an important role in pollinating our 'baby plants'...without them as well...we would have no food. When a Gardener plants Chemically raised Hybrid plants...the bees are then consuming 'foreign chemicals' their little bodies do not know how to assimulate or ingest. Chemically raised and sprayed plants are the BIGGEST Reason our bee population is dieing off in the Millions! When we kill our BEES by using 'Chemical' gardening practices...we Kill ourselves!

CONCLUSION: Growing Hybrid Seed will sooner or later annihilate the Human race (especially GMO Hybrid seed)...Organic Heirloom Seed WILL NOT! Which will you choose? Living or dieing? That's what it basically comes down to. Yet thousands of farmers and back yard growers continue to be part of the problem and demise of our food supply.


Here at Organic Heirloom Plants...we have made a MORAL commitment as well as have taken the SAFE SEED PLEDGE to our customers by strictly growing 100% Organic Heirloom Seed Varieties which we grow, acclimate, harvest, dry, clean and package right here on our farm with the help of local Seed growing volunteers.

Frankly, we could not in all good concience sleep at night if we Knowlingly and purposefully grew and sold plants or seed that would harm and poison our customers and continue to be part of the problem rather than being part of the solution. Not to mention what Chemical farming practices would do to our immediate environment and Eco-system!

We love this Mother Earth we live on that provides us everything we need for substance for FREE!...from the insects, air, water and ground we live on. Tread lightly my friends on this wonderful planet Nature provides us and leave behind only footprints and the evidence of a well cared for and nutured planet.

You can start TODAY by making a conscious decision to grow for the sustainability of future generations to come with the ability to feed your family the healthiest food on the planet..

It all starts with Organic Heirloom Seed

Get your seed Today!


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