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Botanical Name: Rubus idaeus

Description: Thimbleberry is a member of the rosaceae family, genus Rubus. Thimbleberry bushes are a hardy perennial plant growing 2-8' with large 10-20 centimeters maple shaped leaves. Thimbleberries flower from June-July with ready to pick berries starting end of July-Early part of September. Thimbleberries grow mainly in the Great Lakes Region with the exception of few small habitats in South Dakota and Oregon. A Highly sought after berry for jam making and medicinal properties.

Medicinal Properties/Culinary Uses: Thimbleberry leaves have astringent properties. A tea of the leaves are used for diarrhea, stomach complaints, anaemia and dysentary and is great for oily skin. It is also used to treat vomiting and spitting up of blood. A great Woman's herb aiding in long menstrual periods.

Thimbleberry Leaf is also made into a poultice to treat wounds and burns, skin treatment of blackheads and pimples and swelling.

Parts Used: Leaf, Root, Stem

Thimbleberry Tea and Poultice Recipe (how to use): Steep 1-2 teasps. Dried Thimbleberry leaf into 1 cup boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups daily as needed. To make a poultice: Steep amount of herb needed into boiling water (1-2 cups) for 1 minutes, cool and place herb in tea bag or coffee filter and place on affected area.


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