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Botanical Name: Mentha pulegium

Description: Pennyroyal is a hardy perennial herb belonging to the mint family, it's trailing habit forms a dense blanket producing small purple/lavender flowers.

Culinary Uses: Used in tea concoctions for it's medicinal properties.

External Uses: Used in tinctures and herbal sprays as a natural insect repellent.

Medicinal Parts Used: Leaves, stems

Medicinal Properties and Uses of Pennyroyal: Pennyroyals properties consist of; stimulant, emmonagogue, diaphoretic (sweat inducing), carminative, insecticidal, decongestant, astringent and is beneficial for flatulence, sickness, spasms, gallbladder, liver, jaundice, tumors and hepatitis, stimulates the uterus inducing menstruation, fights lung infections, aids in arthritis, rheumatism by providing uric acid to the joints and nervines.

Cautions: Pennyroyal is highly toxic with it's high pulegone content in it's essential oil form, but the dried herb is considered beneficial in tea form not to be taken for extended periods. Pregnant Woman should avoid Pennyroyal with it's menstrual inducing effects on the uterus.

Pennyroyal Tea Recipe: Steep 1 tsp dried Pennyroyal in 1 cup water.

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