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Shingles Aide Herbal Oil

Our specially formulated Herbal Oil works fast and effectively for all symptoms of shingles the virus. Our Organically grown herbs in this formula will help in aiding and eliminating schaffing, burning, itching and painful inflammation of shigles outbreak. The formula is designed to STOP the shingles virus from spreading in it's tracks!

Find fast relief today with our proven Herbal Shingles Aide Formula that works! No other prescription drug is as effective or safer than the very herbs that have been used for centuries to fight all Shingles symptoms without the side effects of prescription drugs.

Product Uses: Use 3-5 times daily as needed for pain, itching and fast healing.

Uses per 1 oz bottle: approx. 30, applywith cotton ball

The proof is in our ingredients!:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Olive leaf is used for treating viral, bacterial, and other infections including Herpes & Shingles. Extra Vigin Olive Oil protects the skin from free-radicals and works beneath the skins out layer to protect, soothe and heal.

St. John'swort: St. John'swort is anti-viral and works great for nerve regeneration, working on soothing and relieving the pain receptors associated with the Shingles Virus for fast pain relief deep into the skins tissue

Lemon Balm: Natural lemon balm oils and extracts contain tannins, which are known for their powerful antiviral properties. It is also packed with eugenol, a powerful antibacterial chemical known to relax nerves and muscles, and terpenes, which are used in aromatherapy to soothe sore nerve tissue.Lemon Balm also contains natural L-Lysine which is known to prevent Herpes outbreaks.

Chickweed:  Chickweed is an herb useful in soothing itchy, irritated skin and stops the itch and throbbing sensations within seconds, particularly once the shingles blisters have reached their 'puss' point.

Calendula: Calendula works as an anti-septic and anti-infammatory for all skin irritations, and is  particilarly effective for Shingles outbreaks. Calendula also relieves the pain of abrasions, skin ulcers and works to soothe and heal the skin.

Echinacea: Echinacea enhances the immune system and is considered natures anti-biotic working on help the body fight off bacterial, viral, and fungal infections of all kinds.Echinacea constituents work to reduce inflammation in nerve endings. Often, shingles blisters become infected with bacteria and Echincea comes to the rescue to boost your immune systems ability to fight off the infection.

Arnica: Arnica relieves shingles pain and promotes healing while further helps in reducing the inflammation from painful areas of the skin, muscles and nerves. Arnica stimulates white blood cells (WBC), which help to fight infection and heal injuries.

Vit. E: Vitamin E Speeds Healing, reduces inflammation, prevents scarring and reduces pain. It is also used as a preservative for longer shelf life of oils and herbs.

We are proud to offer you our special formula to Aide in Shingles Virus healing with 100% Organic Herbal ingredients

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