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LETTUCE-SSE MIX-Heirloom Vegetable Seed

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Botanical Name:Latuca sativa   
Plant Type: Annual,Heirloom,Organic, Vegetable
Height: n/a
Width: n/a
Bloom Color: n/a
Fruit Size:n/a  
Exposure: Full-part shade
Moisture: moderate
Soil: average/well drained
Maintenance: medium
Bloom Time: n/a
Days to Maturity: 40-45 days

Description: Lettuce SSE Mix is  is a well-balanced mixture of cutting lettuces: Australian Yellowleaf, Forellenschluss, Pablo, Red Velvet and at least four more favorite varieties. Orignally acquired mix from seed savers...this is a great mix to start saving seed for next years growing season. Enjoy a flavorful and colorful bouquet of lettuces.  
Planting: Sow Lettuce SSE Mix seed 1/4" deep, 1" apart. Sow continuously
 for a constant supply of lettuce. Best grown in cooler weather.
PK: Approx. 25 Seed

We are proud to offer you these NON-GMO Heirloom Lettuce SSE Mix Vegetable Seeds Naturally Grown!

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