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Bali Kratom

What is Bali Kratom?

Bali Kratom is from the leaves of a Mitragyna speciosa, which is native to Southeast Asia and is considered to be from a red vein strain. The leaves are made into a tea, or chewed, or tinctured/extract for a more potent and long lasting affordable means of use. Since it grows naturally on large trees, the leaves of the plant have been used by practitioners of traditional Asian medicine for centuries, most notably in places like Thailand. There are many strains of Kratom with each strain holding it's own 'healing' secrets and effects. Bali Kratom is the strain most often used for chronic pain, cancer, high anxiety, depression and an outstanding solution for restless leg syndrome and insomnia as well. Bali Kratom has many times been used in replacement of morphine, xanax and other anti-depressant drugs...and a slew of many other pharmaceuticals for the relief of varying symptoms but without the side effects of pharma drugs.

Bali Kratom Effects and medicinal usage

The effects of Basli Kratom are split into two groups depending on the dosage consumed. In smaller quantities, the drug has stimulant effects, creating increased talkativeness, alertness and a boost in energy and all the positives listed above for various symptoms of varying diseases and/or illnesses. When more of the herb is taken, the effects are analogous to heroin, with euphoria, relaxation, pain relief and a sense of inner calm. As experienced by many users. These effects differ depending on the individual. Some of the most common negative effects if taken in too large of amounts of the herb are dry mouth, nausea, constipation, increased urination, long periods of sleep and loss of appetite. Taken small amounts, Bali kratom still contains it's pain relieving properties while allowing the use to feel energized and able to function with higher alertness and more productiveness throughout the day. The effects of Bali kratom last for 6 hours...more if taken in larger doses.

By affecting the Delta opiod receptors much like opiates do, Kratom provides a calm and relaxing euphoria mirroring that of opiates. Kratom appears to affect the brain in much the same way opiates do, but yet it does not cause the retched dependence caused by regular opiate use. A tolerance is built, however, requiring more material to achieve the same effects. It is recommended that users do not use Kratom more than twice a week, so a tolerance is not built. Cross-tolerance has also been noted. This means that a user can consume Kratom and build a tolerance for both Kratom and opiates.

Kratom can lessen the severity of opiate withdrawals with causing little addiction itself. This gives it a huge advantage over modern treatment methods involving such drugs as methodone. Though it is not fully known as to how Kratom eases opiate withdrawals there are some likely reasons. Opiates tend to bind to mu and delta opioid receptors in the brain. This is the reason that opiate users experience the powerful euphoric effects. The addiction, however, is a result of the binding that occurs with the mu opioid receptors. Kratom's active alkaloids tend to bind only with the delta opioid receptors, and this binding action causes little, if any, addiction. It is possible that a small amount of binding occurs with the mu receptors, but this would be at a level to low to cause moderate addiction. Some claim that the mu binding action can increase if large amounts of mitragynine are consumed, but this is not clear.

Cautions and Dosage

Bali Kratom acts as an opiate and must be taken with caution. Never operate a motor vehicle or heavy equipment while taking larger doses of Bali kratom as the euphoric effects of the herb will leave one feeling un-attentive, carefree and greatly relaxed. Each user must take a dosage according to their chemical makeup as there is no 'one dose fits all' with everyones chemistry makeup different from the other.

Since extracted (tinctured) Bali kratom is much more potent, it is recommended that 3 drops be taken in 8 oz. of water, juice or coffee. It can also be administered under the tongue followed by a beverage. This dosage will allow the user to 'find' their right dose and will allow one to feel calm, yet energetic, alert and productive throughout the day at this low dose. For those suffering from high anxiety, chronic pain and all other symptoms listed above...gradually take 1-3 drops more at a time until you reach the comfortableness of the dose. And as not drive or use heavy equipment at the higher doses because of it's sedative properties.


We use Organic pure premium Bali Kratom extracted in alcohol to capture the most potent constituents of the herb.



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