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Botanical Name: Hydrangea paniculata 'Grandiflora' hy-DRAIN-jah pah-nik-yew-LAY-tah
Common Name: Peegee hydrangea, Panicle hydrangea
Genus: Hydrangea
Zones: 3-8

Description: Hydrangea Pee Gee has Large, sometimes giant white flower heads reaching 6 to 18 inches long turn pinkish with age. 'Grandiflora' is a fast-growing shrub that can reach 25 feet tall. Hydrangea paniculata is one of the most cold-hardy species. It may be grown as a single-stemmed tree specimen or as a multi-stemmed shrub.

Noteworthy characteristics: Flowers are good for cutting and drying. These shrubs may be used for hedging.
Care: Grow in moist, but well-drained soil, in sun to partial shade. Blooms on current season's wood; may be cut back to a few buds to form a framework in spring to produce larger flowers, or alternately, allow to grow with minimal pruning.
Propagation: Sow seed in a cold frame in spring; take softwood cuttings in early summer, hardwood cuttings in winter.

Our Hardy and Healthy Hydrangea Pee Gee plants are shipped BARE-ROOT straight from our Upper Michigan Licensed Nursery on MONDAYS ONLY via USPS Priority. Available to ship MAY-NOVEMBER.

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