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Botanical Name: Stellaria media
Plant Type: Perennial, Heirloom,Organic, Medicinal,Culinary, Herb
Height: 8"
Width: trailing
Bloom Time: n/a
Bloom Color: n/a
Exposure: Full sun
Moisture: moderate
Soil: average
Maintenance: low
Zones: 4-8
Ship Size: 4" pot/plug
Ship Form: Bare root
Ship Method: USPS Priority
Ship Time: April-Fall

Chickweed is considered a low growing trailing perennial reaching only 8" high. Re-seeds readily in cold zones year after year. Chickweeds are Medicinal and edible, they are very nutritious, high in vitamins and minerals, can be added to salads or cooked as a pot herb, tasting somewhat like spinach.
Chickweed is particularly high in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and mucilage, and also provides rutin, para amino benzoic acid (PABA), gamma linolenic acid (GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid derivative), niacin, riboflavin (B2), thiamin (B1), beta carotene (A), magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, selenium, and silicon.

We are proud to offer you these Heirloom Chickweed Herb Plants Naturally Grown!

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