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BONE REPAIR-Herbal Tincture

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Herbal Tincture

Our Bone repair tincture is made with the highest quality Organic ingredients specifically formulated to help aid in healing and repairing: Broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments, cartilage, weak bones and stress, bone pain.

For total bone health, it is important to heal from the inside out with the greatest results acheived being used in conjunction with our Arthritis Salve and/or Comfrey Oil and Osteo-Bionics Tincture.

Bone health requires the right amount of nutrients and herbs to quickly recover from even the most severe bone strain, allowing you to get back on your feet and gain th4e quality of life back you deserve and desire.

We welcome you to try our Bone Repair Tincture in combination with our other Bone Health products so you too, can experience the relief and fast recovery that all of our other customers have attained for a better life.

Suggestion for use: Take 1-4 dropperfuls daily for fast recovery. Each 1 oz bottle contains 30-35 servings.

Organic Ingredients: Milk Thislte, Comfrey, Boneset, Hops, Alcohol.

Disclaimer: These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and diseases. Seek the advisement of a qualified physician if you are concerned about any interactions with other medications or health issues with the use of this product. We are not responsible for individual use of this product.


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