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Top 5 Best Tasting Tomatoes

The Top 5 Best Tasting and Juiciest Tomatoes To Grow!

These Best Tasting Tomatoes will surprise you!

When you think of the best tasting tomatoes to grow, many people think of a Big Red Juicy variety and all the common varieties you may or may not find at your local garden center or Nursery. Normally, tomato plants do not come with signs on them to tell you which ones are the best tasting!

A common myth most folks think is that the best tasting tomato MUST be Big, Red and juicy! Many garden centers grow their tomatoes based on consumer ‘assumption’, buying trends, old habits and most likely only offer those varieties you may be most familiar with. I can’t tell you the numerous times that customers who come to our Nursery during our spring plant sale who have asked me for tomato varieties that we would simply refuse to grow because they are GMO-Hybrids with little taste, non-productive, non-sustainable…and many times susceptible to all sorts of diseases which are purposely genetically modified to make one sick!

Being informed with factual information from an experienced grower allows one to make the best buying choices when choosing the best tasting tomatoes. Here you’ll find the TOP 5 best tasting tomatoes that you can grow in your garden this year, and all without chemicals or worry of disease. Most all of the best tasting tomatoes are always colored, orange, yellow, black, green or blue…not red! When you choose a colored tomato, you can be assured that the taste will be sweeter, juicier and filled with nothing but great taste without all the chemicals.


Tomato Giant Belgium. #1 Best Tasting tomato.

Our #1 Winner for the BEST TASTING TOMATO is:  Giant Belgium heirloom tomato. Although this tomato is red, it tops the top 5 best tasting tomato list! This tomato is rather very deep red with lots of seed for saving, meaty, juiciness and sweet with true tomato taste like you’ve never tasted before! Your taste buds will love you and your dishes will spin with an incredible culinary treat to your palette! For a beefsteak tomato, giant belgium is the first to produce here in our Nursery way ahead of the claimed ‘early producers’…and produce it does!…Non-stop all summer long! These big boys need staking as the stalks quickly load up with continuous big juicy tomatoes! This tomato was also our #1 seller last year in seed packets and plants as customers kept coming back for more!

Our #2 BEST TASTING TOMATO Is: Persimmon Orange heirloom tomato. Here, we’re getting into the true ‘colored’ tomatoes’. Persimmon Orange gave us a tough time to make the decision for the #1 spot as it so closely had the very same characteristics and overall sweet, meaty and juicy taste as did Giant Belgium. But, as with any tomato, it has it’s own distinct flavor that is hard to pin point. We’re inclined to say it had a hint of orange flavor combined with the great tomato taste all of us love! For our #2 best tasting tomato, this one is also one of our favorites in taste and also as a heavy producer all summer long.

Our #3 BEST TASTING TOMATO is: Black From Tula heirloom tomato. Now, you wouldn’t think that a black tomato would taste so good and most of us do not associate the color black with a sweet taste. Black From Tula has a distinctive sweetness all of it’s own combined with a bit of a smoky flavor that no other tomato has. It’s meatiness, juiciness and sweet smoky flavor has now made this #3 best tasting tomato a favorite for salsa making. That’s right! Salsa! As with our #1 and #2 best tasting tomatoes, Black From Tula is naturally disease resistant and a prolific producer when grown organically.

Our #4 BEST TASTING TOMATO is: Green Zebra heirloom tomato. Green Zebra may come as a surprise to many gardeners as most green tomatoes are a bit bitter, tart or lacking in taste. Not Green Zebra! As with our top 3 best tasting tomatoes, green zebra is also meaty, sweet and juicy with a distinctive flavor of it’s own true tomato taste. Combined with Black from Tula for salsa making, you won’t experience a better tasting salsa. Our customers come back year after year specifically to buy those two varieties for their canning recipes and swear by having the best tasting salsa they have ever made!

Our #5 BEST TASTING TOMATO is: Black Krim heirloom tomato. Unlike Black From Tula with it’s slightly smokey flavor, Black Krim leans toward a more sweet, robust and juicy tomato flavor. Very meaty for a beefsteak tomato and often times used in combination with Green Zebra for Salsa or spaghetti sauce making. Our personal favorite uses for Black Krim is tomato sandwiches on toast. What a treat! Although our #5 choice, Black Krim will always remain in our top best tasting tomato choices!

Now that you have our Top 5 Best Tasting Tomato choices…grow, experiment and find out for yourself how these varieties truly are worthy of being on the top 5 best tasting tomato list and let us know your results!

Now, you are probably wondering where you can find these great best tasting tomatoes as most garden centers and Nurseries do not grow these wonderful tasting heirlooms! You’re in luck! We grow, collect and package all of these seed varieties right here on our Northern Michigan farm and have these very top best tasting tomato plants available in our local Nursery and also have them available in our on-line store for spring shipping.

Get your taste buds ready and order your seed and plants today! Once you’ve tried these top 5 best tasting tomatoes you’ll never go back to the rest!

Happy Gardening!

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