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Our Organic Heirloom Seed Company Story-Fighting Hunger One Seed At A Time

Growing Organic Heirloom Seed takes a commitment that few will undertake. Here at Organic Heirloom Plants in the prestine North woods of Upper Michigan, our plant and organic heirloom seed company has done just that!

Many of our Organic Heirloom Seed is now 10 generations growing! This means, we have grown our very own Organic Heirloom seed plants for 10 generations, saving the seed from each generation of plants grown ensuring that our seed has been acclimated to our harsh Northern climate. Each year, we grow, collect, solar dry and clean over 150 varieties of Organic Heirloom Seed and then package approximately 25,000 seed packets, ready for sale. Find us on the SAFE SEED LIST HERE!

What’s more, our organic heirloom seed company does something that no other seed company does…we donate 100% of all of seed packet profits to those in need, locally and nationwide. Three years ago, we saw a huge need for families and individuals to be able to find a seed Company that was affordable. Millions of families go hungry each and every day with over 85% of them being children. Just how does this happen in the land of the brave and the home of the free where opportunity should be abound for everyone? With Millions of jobs and companies moving over seas to attain lower labor costs..the answer is clear.

We believe our Motto is one of the solutions to the problem: “Give a man a tomato, and you feed him for a day; show him how to grow an organic heirloom tomato seed, and you feed him for a lifetime!” This my friends, means sustainability for generations to come to eliminate hunger amongst our neighbors, friends and families. Although many organic heirloom seed companies may raise monies for those in need, we take it much more further to ensure all families in need become sustainable on their own for years to come.

Unlike other non-profit organic heirloom seed companies whom pays their employees first…all of our seed is 100% donated and the help of a few of our volunteer seed growers.  No one gets paid accept for the 100′s of families and individuals in need whom receive our donated Organic Heirloom Seed Packets. SEE US HERE LIVE on our Local TV news!

Our volunteer seed growers get special treatment. Each volunteer seed grower receives free seed that they will use to grow for our “Need For Seed” program, making sure that no seed varieties are cross pollinated. Without their help, we could not offer all the pure organic heirloom seed varieties that we have to offer today.

In order to accomplish this, first we need to sell enough seed packets to cover bottom line costs of printing, supplies and shipping which amount to $1,000′s of dollars. As soon as bottom line costs are covered through seed packets purchases through our seed and plant company website, we begin to ship seed packets to all those in need that have submitted their ‘need’ to us. Each ‘need’ individual or family that contacts us or is anonymously submitted to us with their need receives a minimum of 20 organic heirloom seed packets, many times 50 or more depending on the need and size of the family. Imagine 50 organic heirloom seed packets going to just 100 families. That’s ALOT of seed packets! But this is only a beginning!

This means, purchasing Organic Heirloom Seed packets from our organic heirloom seed company makes your purchase count to help stop hunger in America for 100′s of families! This is our mission…we welcome you to make it yours as well. Consider supporting us with all your Organic Heirloom Seed packet purchases this year and make your seed purchase count-knowing, you just took the biggest step in helping fight hunger in the U.S. as well as ensuring sustainability for your own family for generations to come!

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