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Blackberry 'Triple Crown'
-Rubus spp 'triple crown'

Description: Blackberry Triple Crown is named for its three attributes; flavor, productivity and vigor. This very hardy variety offers two other attributes; disease resistance and very large berries. The thornless blackberry ripens for about one month from end of July thru August. Semi-erect, the canes can be trellised or pruned in summer to an easy picking height of 42". Does well on East and West Coasts and to Homestead, Florida. Space @ 5' circle or 5' apart in prepared garden beds 5' wide. ZONES 5-9.

We ship our 1 yr hardy and healthy blackberry triple crown plants BARE-ROOT via USPS Priority straight from  our upper Michigan Nursery on MONDAYS ONLY.

Available to ship MAY-NOVEMBER

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