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Botanical Name: Agastache Foeniculum

Description: Part of the mint family, Anise Hyssop is a hardy perennial herb reaching 2-4' with densely formed purple flowered spikes. A bee loving plant that makes a beautiful addition to any perennial bed with it's high anise scented leaves and flowers.

Culinary Uses: It's leaves and flowers can be eaten and is many times used as a tasty addition to fruit salads, as a garnish and adding great sweet licorice anise flavor to teas.

External Uses: A Poultice of the leaves are used for sores.

Medicinal Parts Used: Leaves, Flowers, Root

Medicinal Properties and Uses of Anise Hyssop: Anise Hyssop is traditionally used to aid in digestion. The Cheyenne used this herb as a tea to relieve a dispirited heart. The Chippewa made a protective charm out of it to fend off bad spirits. As a tea, it is also used for chest pains, coughs, heat strokes, fevers, headaches and angina. The leaves have shown anti-tumor properties in animal testing and used to treat cancer.

Anise Hyssop Tea Recipe: Steep 1 tsp dried Anise Hyssop in 1 cup water.


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